Who am I?

I’m Michelle Chance-Sangthong and my whirlwind affair with online marketing started in 1997 and has become a lifelong romance. I am a forward-looking online strategy and SEO expert who has generated millions of dollars in ecommerce.

With a background in computer science and networking, I grew up professionally right along with the Internet — and it still thrills me to “get it right” in the constantly-evolving online landscape. I’m committed to keeping up with all the latest; asking – and answering — the right questions; and generating strong relationships and great outcomes for myself and my clients.¬†And just as you might imagine, I love learning and talking about this. As a professional keynote speaker, I have appeared at dozens of events locally and nationally.

From time to time I accept new online marketing clients, usually on a referral basis. At the moment I have an opening for 2 new clients, so if you’d like to apply give me a call at 904-654-2012.

To schedule interviews, speaking requests, or appearances please contact Susan Pelter at 904-460-2801.


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